Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dale is a Blogger

I think I'm about to join the world of blogging, so the first order of business is to come up with a Blog name. To me this is serious business, because as you know if you post anything on the internet, it may/will become public knowledge. As I have pondered this endeavor I have a number of names for consideration:

  • 42 gallons equals a barrel of ….
  • High Mediocrity
  • Top Quartile
  • Well on my way to Alzheimer’s
  • Avoiding the Bottom Quartile
  • I'm not irritable and don’t tell me I am
  • What I’d do if I wasn’t lazy, had self-discipline and didn’t procrastinate
  • I don’t leave tracks and I’m proud of it
  • I leave skidmarks not tracks
  • Better than everyone at something
  • Stacking the odds
  • Saturday morning waffles
  • Wafflemania
  • Lead not ink, thank you very much
  • Fit for public consumption
  • I’m a booger, I mean blogger
  • Bald, hairy, leaky and slightly irritable
  • Wait five minutes...
  • Driving for everyone else
  • Five questions for my children
  • A mid-life crisis? – it what it is
  • Sufficient for my needs
  • My fortune cookie came true
  • Because of this there will be No Christmas Letter!!!
  • This feels like work to me
  • Your a Miner?
  • Only half paranoid
  • Just another PHB (Pointy Haired Boss)
  • Managed Expectations
  • Who's my wife really living with?
  • Fit to page
  • Stacking the odds in my favor
  • I had a really good blog name if only I could remember it…
  • I love my dog, but…
  • Just working to keep someone’s grandma warm
  • Is that irony or just sarcasm?
  • Will you do my birthday shopping?
  • Where's the #*#* spell checker?
  • 7 years 11 months …
  • If I’d only bought (or sold) …

Obviously these weren't chosen for the title of my Blog Page, but there is the real possibility that each one may be a blog entry (I know some of you are just waiting in anticipoation for the story behind each title). So what is the title for my Blog? I have decided that it will be "Fit for Public Consumption." Why this you ask, well it will help be a reminder 1) that whatever goes on the Blog may be shared with the world, and 2) realize that the filter between my brain and mouth (or fingers in this case) has indeed filtered out many thoughts that may not be "fit for public conscumption." Having four children, I realize that not everyone has this same filtering capacity. It is nice that our children talk to us, but some days I am suprised at what they will say at the dinner table.

I guess this Blog will be posted under Marti's username, so I don't need to create one, but here were some possibilities (I may need some blog ideas in the future):

  • Odds Stacker
  • Choir singer
  • TheUsher
  • ImaMiner
  • The Waffle Maker
  • Mean DADD
  • Napper42
  • Speedo Boy
  • Pool Boy 42
  • Snoozer42
  • IMaQBdad
  • IMaSPORTSdad
  • Mr Fixit

And these are just the ideas fit for public consumption.


Marti said...

I really don't have a comment.I just wanted to be the first one to comment.

featherhead said...

I have some old "speedo" pictures from your waterpolo days that I could dig up... we could do some then and now pictures. :)

Maybe they would be a good exchange for some "Idol" footage you have hidden somewhere.

Clark Family said...

This is so exciting! It's like your Christmas letter (which is always my favorite one) every week!

dagus1976 said...

Screw what's fit for public consumption! I say you tell us all about that leaking part or the really good ones that the kids spit out at the dinner table.