Thursday, November 6, 2008

A few Snippets from my life

My goal is to blog once a week, but I haven't achieved that, so here are a few snippets from my life over the last few weeks.

During his football games Matthew normally moves up and down the sideline with the movement of the ball. I found it interesting that during his homecoming game he stayed between the 45 and 50 yard line. It just so happens that his homecoming date was sitting between the 45 yard and 50 yard line. When asked about this, Matthew replied, "no I moved like I normally do." Yea right.

It was good to see Jacob back on the football field after his collar-bone injury. He missed several weeks, but came back strong with a 50 yard TD run in his first game back (9/27). His team is currently 4-1, but the second half of the season is going to be much tougher than the first half. In today's (10/18/2008) game, Jacob had two TD runs, forced a fumble and had an interception. It was also enjoyable in one of his first practices back to watch him juke and run right by the best linebacker on his team. A recent update, his team is 5-2 with one regular season game to go. His team has made the playoffs.

As I was visiting with a fellow employee who used to work for me, he said "I saw you walking towards the other building a few days ago. You look like you’ve put on some weight." Nothing like being brutally honest. Following that I went to the doctor to get my blood pressure medicine renewed. I expected the doctor to comment and counsel me on my weight gain, but no comments were forthcoming. Apparently my fellow employees are more observant, concerned or honest than my health care provider.

Being frugal like I am, during the same visit I also asked the doctor about the rash I have a had on my arm for a long time. "I don't know what it is, but let me prescribe some cream to put on it." (No, it was not ring worm.) While picking up the prescription, the pharmacist cautioned Marti, "make sure this is used sparingly." I refer to this cream as my Barry Bond cream. My hat still fits, the rash is gone, nothing's shrunk and I'm wondering how many refills I can get?

While entering the health club recently, a "healthy" young woman said "hi" to me. For the next few minutes, I wondered and thought 1) Why did she say "hi"? Should I know who she was? 2) I know I wasn't staring at her body parts, because I didn't trip over the curb. 3) She must have seen my Corrola in the parking lot and may have been impressed by my green-ness. 4) Maybe she took pity on an older, out of shape man and was just trying to brighten his day. 5) I hope I don't forget my card in the locker again.

I recently set new a high score on my Blackberry's brick breaker game. I seemed to have a breakthrough and suddenly doubling my old high score seemed like no problem. Of course, now they’ve upgraded my Blackberry’s operating system and deleted the game. What am I supposed to do with my spare time if no one leaves a newspaper in the stall?

Matthew has had some tendonitis in his arm, so he has been going in for treatment after practice. Another player was in for treatment on his knee and had to sit in a in a cold tub of water. Matthew's dinner table comment, "that water must have been really cold!"

The Dow Jones average was down 777 points in one day. I guess there will be less of my wealth to redistribute.

At 2:30 before a 4:00 pm meeting, my new boss called, "We can’t find your goals for 2008!"
My response, "I’m working on them right now."
"Oh, OK. I guess I better let you go so you can finish writing them."
It's a whole lot easier to write your goals for the year when you already know what you've done.

Thirty minutes into Jacob's football practice, Jacob came over to me with tears in his eyes, "Dad, I’ve got diarrhea." Good thing the church was just around the corner. It required at least three return trips to the bathroom before we were ready to leave the church parking lot. When asked if he had diarrhea earlier in the day, he said, "yes, before I went to school." I suggested he inform his mother or me, should this occur in the future.

On the way home from one of Makenzie's volleyball games.
"Your serving really broke open that first game."
"I know."

It’s 3 am and I'm wondering what I'm doing just getting home from a football game. (Matthew's team played in Dallas and we had to be home for Saturday morning soccer and football games.")

Matthew came in the house calling "mom, dad" before going back outside. I was in the bathroom and went out to see what he wanted. “Dad, can I borrow the suburban?” as Matthew and his friends sat in the old suburban with the engine running.

While conducting a corporate safety audit one of the auditors shared the following. Someone in the Bartlesville office complex cut themselves on their scissors while reaching in a desk drawer. The managers response, collect up all of the scissors in the office complex. What did they do with the scissors? They were donated to a grade school.

"Matthew, go pick up Brittney"
"I don't feel like it."
"Do you want to keep driving?"
He went to pick her up. Negotiating from high ground is great.


Marti said...

You left my card at the health club...

dagus1976 said...

1) It must be exciting having some older kids and sharing those fun experiences.

2) I most definitely would have tripped on the curb.

3) My kids have diarrhea all the time; we just find out in different ways.

4)The dow dropped 777 points and I lost $.12