Friday, July 10, 2009

First Date

Well, my oldest daughter has departed on her first date. I'm not sure who's stomach had more butterflies today, Marti's or Brittney's, but for different reasons. Marti, because her daughter was going on a date or Brittney being concerned about what I/we might do when her date arrived.

As tempting as it was to try and harass, intimidate, or just outright scare the living daylights out of the young man (otherwise known as the current Brittney Fan Club President (BFCP)), I resisted. For those who may have read my earlier post about the "obstacle course," it was tempting to stake Peach (our big yellow lab) out front and have Jacob hide in the bushes and jump out of the bushes and whack the current BFCP with a plastic bat a couple of times before running off. It would have been good blog material. Maybe next time.

But Brittney, you should know that even though it might be fun to tease you, I resisted embarrassing you because I Love You and want all of the best things of this life and eternity for you. (And please remember the things I told you during our pre-date talk/lecture: no sitting in parked cars, post pubescent boys are evil (loose interpretation of Mosiah 3:19 and 16:3), no back rubs, be home early, you're only 16, etc.) Have fun and be home by 8:30 pm.

P.S. For any current or future BFCP's who might stumble upon or be directed to this blog, one final statement: Yes, I am proficient with my .357 magnum.

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