Sunday, July 12, 2009

Phone Call - ZZ Top

The following may or may not be a fictitious conversation.

Ring (actually ring song).


Yea dad, my roommate and his brother are thinking about going to a ZZ Top concert... in Las Vegas, and I was just wondering what you might think about me going?

How are you going to get there and what do you think it is going to cost?

I was thinking I would drive (background conversation... ticket, hotel, food) and it would probably cost $150.

Are there any concerts closer that you can go to?

I don't know.

Is the $150 in your budget?

Well I was thinking it might be kind of a gift.

Oh, so what about the laptop, having the truck for the summer, not having to work during the summer while I pay for tuition, room and board?

Well if you want to say no, that's OK.

OK, No. How's the truck running anyway...............

Post Phone Call Conversation

Who called?

Son #1.

What did he want?

He was wondering if he could go to Las Vegas for a ZZ top concert.

I don't think so!!!!!

Yea, that's what I told him.

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