Saturday, September 26, 2009

Amazing day on the football field, IR

Jacob had a pretty good day on the football field: 3 touchdowns, multiple completed passes including a 2 point conversion, 1 forced fumble and a 60+ yard run. With cutbacks the run was probably closer to 90 to 100 yards of actual running. He was close to scoring on the long run, but got tackled at the 2 yard line. Apparently since he was slow getting up, the players and ref were asking him if he was hurt, "no, I'm just tired." It was a good game for the Eagles, but not so good for the Rams (40-6). We were able to let a lot of kids carry the ball, who normally don't get the chance to carry the pigskin.

Normally, we don't have cheerleaders on our sidelines, but since the other team's group was so large, half of their cheerleaders were on our sidelines. For some reason one of their dads kept standing amongst our players and coaches (my coaching task for the day was to track our offensive play calls). He didn't know who I was, but during on of Jacob's runs he commented, "that kid is amazing." My reply, "yes he is, (pause) I think he gets it from his mother." (As a side note, the father must hang out with Brittney's friends, because in their group everything is "amazing".)

Makenzie was placed on Injured Reserve (IR) for her soccer game today. It is likely she will be out a couple more weeks. Her lower leg and ankle were x-ray'd last night, but the initial interpretation is that they are negative for any chip or hairline fracture. It gives me great confidence, when the PA asks you, "so do you think we should get an X-ray." I wanted to reply, "obviously I think there is an issue if I brought her in, but since you're the trained (and paid) medical professional, maybe you should provide the recommendation." Makenzie's ankle is sprained (possibly this didn't occur at the same time as the initial injury/bruising), and since there is quite a bit of soft tissue damage, we'll follow-up with another more highly trained (and higher paid) medical professional early next week.

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grandma/mom said...

Been there done that. No fun and not great on the pocket book either. Carolyn

Ps Kirk will be starting right tackle this week and said to tell Jacob way to go!!