Thursday, September 24, 2009

Role Reversal

Did you ever have one of those ideas that seemed really good at the time, but when the actual time arrives, you wonder what you were thinking? Today was one of those days. I am excited for Marti today as she travels to Provo to visit Matthew for parent's weekend, but it was a little bit of a role reversal when I dropped Marti off at the airport. (I'm the one who is usually getting on the plane and leaving the rest of the family at home.)

I am happy to report that the first few hours have passed without incident, but I am sure that surprises await me as I learn about all of the things that Marti takes care of and manages without us/me even realizing it. (Even as I'm writing this blog there has been a request that I'm sure Marti would normally take care of, "Dad, can I have $16 for tomorrow...")

The big question for the weekend is, who should I be most concerned about this weekend, bicycle boy or slumber party Marti? The second big question of the weekend is what should the rest of us do at home? A few ideas I have brainstormed:
  • Shop for my new vehicle
  • Buy another remote controlled helicopter
  • Vacuum and leave outlandish patterns in the carpet
  • Make spaetzle in the kitchen
  • Open the package that just arrived to Marti from Nordstrom's and see what she ordered (Brittney just informed me that it is her homecoming dress, and "oh, we had to buy the more expensive one").
  • Order my birthday present
  • Enroll all of the kids in Piano lessons, since sports seem to be inflicting too many bumps and bruises
  • OCH
  • BBQ the good steaks

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please submit them for consideration.

Actually the one thing I will really be doing this weekend is anxiously waiting for Marti to get back home. I love you Marti!!!


Brittney said...

my vote is for giving brittney tons of money to go shopping then taking an OCH and shopping for a new car for brittney :) lol

Marti said...

have fun with the vacuum, just don't break it