Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today Wasn't the Day

I thought today might be the day, but it wasn't. Matthew has only beaten me in one on one basketball once in his life. That was several years ago and until he beats me again, I consider that loss a fluke. As we headed to the health club, I thought my reign might be nearing its end. In the past when I wasn't shooting well I could always back Matthew back down under the basket and make relatively easy lay-ups. Since he spends more time in the gym than me these days, I knew that might be more difficult. As it turns out, I brought my outside game with me today and even if I did use the glass a couple of times those 3 pointers still count. I guess the dream Matthew had last night of playing for the Jazz and bringing them back to win a big play-off game was just a dream. Old age and treachery wins again.

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