Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whistle Carrying Authority Figures

     Last week Jacob and I joined the older scouts from our ward at their high adventure camp.  It's Texas so high adventure backpacking and camping isn't really convenient.  This summer our group planned to camp at a lake, water ski for two days, canoe down a river one day and go to Schlitterbahn's, a big water park, on the last day.  Jacob and I joined the group on Wednesday to canoe and hit Schlitterbahn's on Thursday.  I'll post pictures of the canoe trip sometime in the near future, but this post is about our trip to Schlitterbahn's.
    After arriving at Schlitterbahn's in the morning and getting our spot set up for the day, Jacob and I headed off to find our first ride.  We gathered our inner- tubes and headed up the hill.  The park is a little confusing for first time visitors and we finally climbed the right path and found a ride we could go down.  The ride is riding your inner-tube down a series of steeper "chutes" into the next slow pool area.  It's supposed to be a re-creation of a spot on the river we went down the day before and some of the areas have eddies which recirculate you around in the pool rather than down the next chute.  If you're in a hurry it's the wrong ride to be on.  There were some teenagers in the group behind us and they were in a hurry so they were standing up and walking ahead.  Apparently the park doesn't like you doing this and the lifeguard blew his whistle at them and told them to stay on their tubes.  Just after this Jacob and I hit the next chute and when we hit the next pool area he fell out of his tube, so he stood up.  The lifeguard saw him standing and blew his whistle at him and told him to not stand up.  Without hesitating Jacob shot back at him, "I fell out of my tube."  The thing I found humorous was that Jacob responded with the same gesture and body language that he does when called for a foul on the basketball court.  Apparently he has an issue with whistle carrying authority figures.  As the family discussed this event it became apparent and our consensus that it's likely the whole family has issues with whistle carrying authority figures, and we are certain there are even those in the extended family who have similar issues. 

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