Friday, October 22, 2010

18 Sweep, or Whatever

And so like, Jacob, Makenzie, Marti and me went to dinner.  We went to like Chipolte for dinner (I know, big surprise).  While we were waiting in line, like Makenzie and Jacob were telling us about their days activities, or whatever.  And so most of their stories of the day were like related to practice, coaches or team mates, (I know another big surprise) or whatever .  And so, like as dinner went on, I started listening to their speech patterns or whatever.  And so, I've noticed it before, so I decided every time I heard Jacob say, "Or whatever," I would say, "Really."  This frustrated him after a few times and he even denied once or twice that he said "or whatever."  And like, once he became conscious of it, he would start a sentence with "and so...," and then could hardly complete the sentence.  Sometime during the conversation I had to ask Jacob the question, "So when you call a play in the huddle, do you say something like "18 sweep, or whatever?"  I'm not sure Jacob found this so humorous, but it could explain sometimes why the offensive line and everyone else is not blocking or executing the play.  They are just doing "whatever."

If you were wondering Makenzie's phrase is "like" or "and like...."

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