Friday, October 22, 2010

I'd Rather Ride With Her Too...

Last week during the homecoming game the stands were crowded, especially down in the student section, so Brittney and a couple of her friends came up and sat by Marti and me.  While they were sitting next to us, Marti and I quietly had the conversation that it was nice to know that our children are comfortable enough with us to come and sit by us at a football game.  (There are many who would be appalled to even be seen with or maybe even seen by their parents during a football game.)   Marti then made the statement, "We really do have good kids," followed by a pause and then the statement, "in spite of their mother."  I think we were sent pretty good kids right out of the package, but let me tell you they are not really good kids "in spite of their mother."  Marti is a great mother.  She is supportive without hovering, spiritual without being overbearing and generally just a fun person to be around.  Often, when we are going somewhere as a family and we end up taking more than one car, it is not unusual for all of the kids to want to ride with their Mother.  Heck, if I had my choice I'd ride with her too.   

Marti, I Love You.  We make a great team and you are the MVP!!!

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