Saturday, October 16, 2010

Irony with a chance of Sarcasm

As I was driving to work one morning this week, there was a traffic jam as result of about 8 cars crunched together accordion style.  It seemed ironic to me that the last car in line was a police vehicle.  Is that really a case of irony?

I remember being in 11th grade English composition and the teacher giving us a lesson about irony.  In class he made the statement that "irony was a sign of intelligence" and then gave us a writing assignment that had to illustrate irony.  For whatever reason I still remember the impression that this teacher didn't think I was really all that intelligent. When I received my writing assignment back it said, "This is more sarcasm than irony."  Perhaps it's ironic that most of the systems and machines that do real work in the world and keep the grandma's of the world warm (or cool) are based on mathematical derivations and illustrations, that do not require the complex and poetic style of writing my teacher was looking for from his students.  Perhaps it's even more ironic, that those of his students who went on to master and utilize mathematical expressions have probably done pretty well for themselves.  I wonder how many of my teachers "intelligent" students/master writers wish they could integrate and take derivatives as they head to their second job?

Parents even if your children can't write flowery dissertations, there is still hope.  An engineering degree stacks the odds in your favor that they will likely not be moving back in with you (although engineers tend to be cheap and they may squat in your domecile just to save a few bucks).

I don't know what sarcasm is a sign of (I think I heard once and it wasn't a good thing), but whatever it is, I'm likely full of it. 

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