Thursday, December 30, 2010

So what's the plan?

I think the more traditional question when a man arrived home from work was, "So, what's for dinner honey?" But, being smooth like I am and not wanting to imply that I am a sexist pig who expects his wife to cook for him every night, I ask a more subtle question like, "So, what's the plan for the evening?" That generally generates a conversation about our dinner menu or dining plans for the evening, satisfying both my interest in food and the need to have a plan (I'm an engineer).

But I must admit the more carnal part of me hopes for a response something like, "I''m sending the children away for the night, we're going to the best restaurant, and I've shopped for new lingerie." Now that's a plan! But not wanting to be picky, I would be fine with leftovers and old lingerie.

Maybe I am a sexist pig, but at least I'm not a picky sexist pig.

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