Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Thinker or The Ethics of the Bathroom Handicap Stall?

Just about anybody I know who has any sense of morality or ethics would never park in a handicap parking spot. Personally I don't mind parking far from the entrance, because that means the door on my vehicle is less likely to get dinged. Of course if I'm driving one of our cars with high school parking lot experience and a teenage driver on it's resume, I just park right up front. The least of my worries is door dings at this point.
But when it comes to the bathroom there is no sign on the handicap stall. So it leaves me pondering what is the proper thing to do? The restroom at the office has two stalls, one regular sized one and a second oversized handicap stall. I wouldn't say I'm claustrophobic, but I do like the roominess provided in the oversized stall. A little elbow room while you play brick breaker on your blackberry never hurts.

As far as I know there isn’t anyone on my floor who requires the handicap stall, but what if someone visiting our office had a bad burrito for lunch and was in a hurry? Obviously it would be an unpleasant situation for everyone involved, but is building security going to write you up?

Just wondering?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tribal Name

Marti and I have been asked to participate in our stake's youth conference this spring.  The theme is Moroni's Quest and the youth will re-enact various stories from the Book of Mormon.  Our assignment is to be tribal leaders.  We will have a group of youth assigned to us for whom we will be responsible during the two day conference.  As part of the preparation we had to decide on a tribal name.  Once our "tribe" is assigned we will have to make a banner.  Here are some of the ideas from our family brain-storming session (the tribal name does not necessarily have to tie to the theme):
  • The Term-ites
  • The Social Networkers (sub-caption: Be My Friend)
  • The Jimmer-ites
  • The Anti-Utes
  • The Tribe Full of Shiz-ites
  • The "White" Crackers
  • Our shorts are long enough (this is a reference to girls camp)
  • Allen-ites (our Stake president)
  • Monson-ites
  • Some Ites or Whatever
  • Men and Women-ites
  • Smith and Wesson-ites
  • The Run Like Hell-ites (sub-caption: we have no courage)
  • The All-Star tribe
  • The OCH-ites
  • The Funner-ites
  • the Lazy-ites
  • The Stripling Warriors
A basic rule of brainstorming is that there are no wrong or bad ideas during the "brainstorming" process.  As a result there are a few other names I didn't include (remember "fit for public consumption"), but that may explain why we were on the "Back-up" list for adult leaders to begin with.

Ultimately we decided to combine a a couple of ideas and be "The Smithling Warriors aka the Jimmer-ites".  Depending on the group of youth that is assigned to us, we may have to explain the whole Jimmer-ite thing.  For those that don't watch Sports Center or BYU basketball, Jimmer Fredette is a player for BYU who leads the nation in scoring. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Basketball Refs

This is from the comic "In the Bleachers". 

I took the the video camera with me to Jacob's last game, because when I video tape it gives me something to do and I don't tend to get so vocal.   Apparently I was a bad influence the previous week and one of the other dad's told me, "I told my wife she can't sit near you this week."    I coached their son for several years, so they know I am a sane, rational person most of the time.  At least that's what I tell myself.