Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tribal Name

Marti and I have been asked to participate in our stake's youth conference this spring.  The theme is Moroni's Quest and the youth will re-enact various stories from the Book of Mormon.  Our assignment is to be tribal leaders.  We will have a group of youth assigned to us for whom we will be responsible during the two day conference.  As part of the preparation we had to decide on a tribal name.  Once our "tribe" is assigned we will have to make a banner.  Here are some of the ideas from our family brain-storming session (the tribal name does not necessarily have to tie to the theme):
  • The Term-ites
  • The Social Networkers (sub-caption: Be My Friend)
  • The Jimmer-ites
  • The Anti-Utes
  • The Tribe Full of Shiz-ites
  • The "White" Crackers
  • Our shorts are long enough (this is a reference to girls camp)
  • Allen-ites (our Stake president)
  • Monson-ites
  • Some Ites or Whatever
  • Men and Women-ites
  • Smith and Wesson-ites
  • The Run Like Hell-ites (sub-caption: we have no courage)
  • The All-Star tribe
  • The OCH-ites
  • The Funner-ites
  • the Lazy-ites
  • The Stripling Warriors
A basic rule of brainstorming is that there are no wrong or bad ideas during the "brainstorming" process.  As a result there are a few other names I didn't include (remember "fit for public consumption"), but that may explain why we were on the "Back-up" list for adult leaders to begin with.

Ultimately we decided to combine a a couple of ideas and be "The Smithling Warriors aka the Jimmer-ites".  Depending on the group of youth that is assigned to us, we may have to explain the whole Jimmer-ite thing.  For those that don't watch Sports Center or BYU basketball, Jimmer Fredette is a player for BYU who leads the nation in scoring. 

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