Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wax or Nair?

I was at the doctor's office a couple of weeks ago and the doctor started to look in my ears. He says, "you've got a lot of hair in your ear canal. I'm not sure I can see the ear drum. Oh, there it is. Has your regular doctor ever told you, you have have a lot of hair in your ear canal?"

Today, I went to get a hair cut (there's a whole blog in itself on how I feel cheated when I go for a hair cut). I think the older couple who own and cut hair in the barber shop are from Vietnam or one of its neighboring countries. After I provided my hair style request, Mrs. Barber started folding down my collar in preparation for the haircut and in her accent made the following comment, "I guess you can go out in the evening and not worry about mosquitoes biting your neck."

Okay, I get it. I have an ample supply of hair everyplace but on the top of my head. But, I think there was a time when having some hair on your chest was considered manly.

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