Sunday, September 18, 2011

Conversations and Commentators

Jacob has a pretty quick wit, so I thought I'd share a couple of his recent comments.

Many of the 8th grade football players sit together at the high school football games. I was taking Jacob and a friend through a drive through to get some lunch the day after a game. He's the youngest of four so I think he's learned I ask leading questions sometimes just to see what interesting information may be solicited (such as if there might be an interest in someone particular).
Me: "I noticed there were lots of girls sitting around you guys last night".
Jacob (with no pause or hesitation): "We're not gay".
I had no further follow-up questions at that point and the witness was allowed to step down.

The day after BYU turned the ball over 7 times and was mightily defeated by Utah.
Me: "So are you going to wear your BYU gear to school tomorrow, or are you going to wear your Texas clothes?"
Jacob (again no pause or hesitation): "I'm not going to school."
Jacob has proudly worn his BYU gear through thick and thin, but Monday we will see if this was just too much. (Side note: Does Jimmer still have football eligibility?)

One of Jacob's pet peeves in life is when people or commentators make obvious statements about something. When I was young kids might say something like, "no kidding Sherlock." Now I think they say, "thank you captain obvious". Statements that might get you labeled as a commentator by Jacob are:

  • "If the team scores more points they will win."

  • They really need to make something happen here if they hope to have a chance", when a team is down by multiple touchdowns.

  • "It looks like this game is going to take all of the time".

One comment I recently heard along these lines on TV during a football game was, "He runs low to the ground, but then again, he's only 5-4." Thank you "Mr. Commentator".


Erin said...

I decided when I was a kid that sports commentators are missing a few crayons from their boxes when during the home run derby at the All Star game in Colorado the commentator said that balls fly further in Colorado because there is less gravity. The things they continue to say just strengthen my opinion.

Brittney said...

Oh how I miss that kid and his comments lol

Clutch4t4 said...

My favorite child without guile was Mike telling his mother the truth when asked: "Does this dress make me look fat?" Mike said, "No! Your fat makes you look fat."