Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tractor Supply Store and My New Flock

The birds have been eating the dog's food and making a mess on the back porch, so I made a trip to the "Tractor Supply Store" this morning to see if they had a fake owl we could put out to keep the birds away (since the dog's obviously aren't doing it). There is still enough country in me that I find this store fascinating. During my visit I was thinking I/we need to buy some property just so I can make more trips to this store. While making my first loop through the store (there is lots of cool stuff, so I made two full laps during my visit), I eyed the following:
What could have been my new flock.
(It's not you it's the picture.  Apparently I got in a hurry while staging
 and taking a picture in the middle of the store.)
I almost brought them home, but instead opted just for the picture.  I guess my sister will be the only one with a flock to take care of.

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