Saturday, September 1, 2012

911 Review

 When I was in college I had a poster of a Porsche 911 on my wall.  It was my dream car of the future.

I was looking at MSN Auto the other night doing some research when I decided to look up a 911.  After reading the review I'm thinking it must be a pretty good ride.
Meisterstuck translated is "masterpiece", but carefully read the overall review: Save up, sell your mother, sell your wife, rob a bank just get a 911.  There is no substitute.

Funny thing is that he doesn't even say "sell your kids".  He probably just figures if you've had kids you'll never afford one of these anyway.  A man can still dream.
I'll need a bigger garage.
Or, maybe I'll just get an oversized hanger to house the airplane...
 and the 911.

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