Monday, March 23, 2009

Bumper Sticker #3

Just to go along with yesterdays driving/commuting theme.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bumper Sticker #2

This bumper sticker sums up some of my feelings while commuting in rush hour traffic. I was tired of not being treated fairly by other drivers while commuting in a Toyota Corolla, so I've been driving our "Old Suburban". Amazingly, people don't cut you off or try to take your space when you're in a bigger vehicle. I have thought of adding a few dents just to be a little more intimidating. Who hasn't seen that car going down the freeway that you just know you need to steer clear of? On second thought I'll just let Matthew or Brittney drive it to the high school parking lot. I'll have all the dents I need.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bumper Sticker of the day #1

Once in a while I have what I think is a pretty good idea for a bumper sticker. Rather than put them on my vehicle, I'll just share my thoughts on my blog. Here is my first attempt.

For those who may not know KISD = Katy Independent School District. In Texas we don't have personal income tax, but we have the opportunity to make up for that with property taxes. On top of that add fees, lunches, booster club fees, admission fees, pictures, annuals, etc., and it all adds up.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Half Full Day

Yesterday was suppose to be a full days worth of activities, but half were cancelled due to rainy, cold weather. I started the afternoon out with the last game of Macho Man Volleyball. Matthew's team won in 2 sets. It really wasn't much competition. The team on Tuesday was much better and more exciting. After that was done I headed over to Jacob's school. He was in a basketball game of kids vs teachers/staff. He won the right to play because we bid on it at a silent auction at a school fundraiser. He and his best friend Thomas have done this for the last 5 years. It's a lot a fun, but kind of sad since this will be his last one. Makenzie was suppose to have a track meet after that, but the weather did not cooperate, which was too bad, Makenzie had been looking forward to this particular meet. This meet was at our high school and she was getting to do all of her events. It probably won't even be made up. Boooooo!!! Jacob was also suppose to have soccer practice...cancelled also. We got to spend a relaxing evening at home, which was nice since Dale had been out of town for a few days and just got home last night.

Smilin' Matt....That's what teachers call him

Matthew is in the middle. The other two guys are his best football buddies. The one behind Matthew is the kid he quarterbacked with all through high school. The one up close is Matthew's favorite receiver, Eugene Smith, his "brother from another mother" is what they say.

Congratulating the other team

Yes, you are #1

Pictures from Jacob's game
Jacob going after Mr. Smith, the Vice Principal

Office workers are good basketball players

But Jacob still stole the ball from her
Working his way in for a basket

Trying to guard Mrs. Karlsson (she was his 3rd grade teacher and his favorite teacher)

Stealing the ball away from his PE teacher.
I wonder if she will make him run today???
The whole crew
Jacob, Mrs. Karlsson, and best friend Thomas
Here is the other goodie we won at the silent auction.....

An autographed Elvin Hayes basketball... or "The Big E".
He is one of the 50 greatest NBA players.
Even if we didn't win the ball we had connections to get one. Mrs. Karlsson (in the above picture) is Elvin Hayes daughter. She actually told me to stop bidding and bring her a ball and she'd get it signed, but we actually won the one that night. Jacob was happy to be able to bring it home that evening.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Repair (?)

A simple home repair riddle for yopur consideration. How many trips to the hardware store does it take to replace a thermocouple on your water heater? (For those who may not know, a thermocouple is a special wire that when heated creates a current. The current tells the controller the pilot light is burning and it is OK to send more gas to the main burner. If someone has a simpler, better explanation submit it in the comment section.)

Anyway to answer the riddle, it takes at least three trips. The first trip is to Home Depot to purchase the only replacement thermocouple they carry. After disassembling the burner section, you realize the initial thermocouple you purchased appears to be too long. Trip two is to Lowe's to purchase what appears to be the correct length part and also the only thermocouple they carry. Returning home you then realize that the two thermocouples you have purchased are right hand threaded where they screw into the controller. This is a problem since the original part is left hand threaded i.e. not righty tighty, lefty lucy. This requires a third trip to the hardware store to find out that, no they don't carry left-hand threaded thermocouples and the sales guy didn’t even know left handed threaded thermocouples exist. He did inform me that the length of your thermocouple really doesn’t matter, unless it’s too short (or screws in the wrong way).

By now it’s 8:00 Saturday night, so you put the old thermocouple back in. Previously the water heater would light, even if it went out after a day or two. But now that you’ve disassembled the thing and put it back together, it no longer even lights. So what do you do at this point? Call the 24 hour plumber, but no he doesn’t carry or have any left hand threaded thermocouples. However, he does happen to know from an experience earlier that day, that the particular brand you have is the only brand requiring a left-handed thermocouple. To get a replacement you have to call and have the factory ship a replacement part. Since it is the week-end it will be Tuesday before the part can be delivered to your home.

So after three trips to the home improvement store, two phone calls and few days of waiting, you too can have hot water restored in your home.