Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you OK?

I am starting to work my way through compiling and editing our home videos. Whatever you do, don't try this at home.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Sunshine

Maybe you've seen the move "Friday Night Lights." The last game the home team plays against a bigger, faster team that seems to be mean and nasty. The Eagles (Jacob's team) could relate to what that felt like yesterday, except for the fact that the Eagles had more of a Disney ending, and came out on top 14-12. It was a very satisfying victory, particularly after last week when the Eagles lost (0-6) to a team they should have beat. This was really a defining game for the team and put them back into position to make it to the play-offs. It was really a team effort to get the win this week.

The win also capped a week of challenges and adversity for the Eagles since 1) the head coach who normally calls the offensive plays was out of town, 2) one of the starting running backs was out with an ankle injury, and 3) Jacob has been battling a case of Osgood Slaughter (or Osgood Schlatter depending on where you hail from) and was not 100%. Osgood Slaughter causes pain just below the knee and is apparently a pre-cursor to a growing spurt.
In spite of the pain Jacob played with a lot of heart. Jacob was knocked out of the game more than once (helmet to the elbow, forearm in the chest by someone getting up after the play), but kept coming back. I knew his knee would be painful, but as a I expected he ramped up his play as the game went on. He scored a touchdown, threw for an extra point and had a key interception.

While the Assistant to the Assistant looks on, Eric tells Jacob, "We need you man"

A victory helps the curb the pain

Go Eagles!

We look forward to seeing Makenzie back out on the soccer field next week. She was ready to play Saturday, but the soccer fields were closed due to all of the rain this week.