Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Suite Life and the T-shirt Folly

I started this blog a long time a go, but never got around to finishing and posting it until now.

Saturday night was another memorable evening at the Astros game. Last week one of my fellow managers sent me an invitation for myself and a guest to attend the Saturday evening game in the company suite. I have been to the company suite a number of times, but this trip had an added "bonus". As the follow-up email explained, the Chairman and CEO of the Company had taken two of the tickets and there was a good chance he would be at the game. Just as a general rule, I don't go out of my way to interact or rub elbows with Executive Management. At some point it may limit upside, but it also limits downside (as in committing a career limiting move, and there are those who have had their career limited or even extinguished). I must admit, I did reassess my invitation to Jacob to be my guest for the evening.

As it turned out it was just another pleasant evening at the ball game (even with the CEO in attendance), except for the fact that we came home without the coveted ball game T-shirt souvenir. I'm sure you've all seen them launch t-shirts with a super sling shot at one ball game or another, and this night was no different, except for the fact that they actually launched one our way. In fact the launcher's aim was so good it even hit Jacob right in the chest. Unfortunately since we were standing in the front of the suite, it bounced right off Jacob's chest, over the rail and fell to the girl in the level below. Yes you can throw Jacob a football or a basketball and there is a pretty good chance he will catch it, but apparently the same can not be said for a t-shirt. Jacob's explanation was that it was flying a lot faster than he expected. Since they launched it from the top of the dugout up to the second level, he might have a point, but I'm pretty sure we will never let him forget the fact that he couldn't catch a t-shirt that hit him right in the chest.