Sunday, September 5, 2010

Who Ate My Cookies?

For those following Matthew's Mission blog you know that last week some new elders joined him and his companion at the DR MTC as their new roommates.  They are from a different cultural background and just after arriving they helped themselves to the last few cookies in Matthew's care package.  If you read Matthew's email you know he was not happy about this.  In contrast this last week he and his companion made extra efforts to help these new missionaries adapt and improve their language skills.  They seem to be getting a real satisfaction from helping them. As I talked with my mother this week, she related that one of her co-workers has been diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer and likely has only weeks or less to live.  I share these two stories this week as a reminder to myself that when life's aggravations come my way, I need to remember:
  • to keep the proper perspective
  • to seek first to understand
  • to have patience (and faith)
  • to serve others, regardless of the circumstance
  • to make sure it is not "my" pride that is the root of the aggravation
  • that "football is life" but it is not eternal
  • the Lord will guide the footsteps of those who are "being a good boy."  Things may work out in ways yet unforeseen.
But, I must say I got a great workout (late) Friday night as my mind churned over the events and situation.  Now if I could only find some cookies to eat.