Thursday, November 25, 2010

MyFitness and Chicken Poo

I got an IPAD for my birthday last month. One of the problems I had when using an ITouch was that it was so small, I had a hard time working the touch screen effectively with my fingers. The IPAD is bigger and easier to operate. It’s kind of an ITouch for older people. I’m slowly getting up to speed and starting to download some apps (I’m learning to speak the lingo too). One of the apps I have downloaded is MyFitness. It’s an exercise and calorie counter. I’ve put in my target weight and it tells me how many calories I can consume each day. So far it seems to be working as I am showing some positive results. I’m actually surprised by how much I can eat in a day. The big thing is to avoid those binge meals or snacks where I hit the buffet (wing or Chinese), consume more than a pizza at one sitting or munch down a full pan of cookies.

This week I was entering my food for the day, which included some chicken for lunch. We had gone to a seafood place, and the chicken had some kind of sauce on it. The MyFitness app has a food database with a search feature, so I was searching for the appropriate entry. That’s when I came across the food item listed as “Chicken Poo.” Being of the curious nature I had to wonder what the description and nutritional value of “Chicken Poo” was. I thought I was going to experience enlightenment on some exotic food. But all the database had as a description was the name, a serving size is 10 oz and there were no nutritional values entered. Now I was really curios, so I put my IPAD to use and did an internet search. Google asks me, “Did you mean Chicken Poop.’ There were plenty of search findings for Chicken Poop,” but none for Chicken Poo. Then I had a thought, search for “recipe for Chicken Poo.” Google still wanted to return “Chicken Poop,” but there was one recipe site returned. By now with some anticipation I clicked on the link, but when the recipe site came up there were “0” entries for “Chicken Poo.” At this point I’m thinking whoever the practical joker was who added this item to the food database could have carried it one step further and added the following recipe to the recipe site:

This is where I decided that maybe I really didn't need to finish this blog.   But, I will leave you with this one line, If live chicken does not provide a flavorful feast, make chicken noodle soup.

Happy Thanksgiving and if you want, take the day off on counting calories.  I'm going to.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Did Obama Call?

I just checked the caller ID on the phone.  It said, "Community Event."  I wonder if Obama was calling to organize something?

Bucket List - Before my 50th B-day

Here's my bucket list of things to do before I turn 50:
1.  Get my private pilot's license
2.  Successfully complete 2 of the following 3:
          a. Sprint distance triathlon
          b. Meet the standard for a Navy Seal (my work fitness center recently had this challenge)
          c. Ride in the MS-150 from Houston to Austin
3.  Visit Canada, Mexico, Alaska or Hawaii and take Marti with me.  (Just FYI, I'm already an official member of the polar bear club on a previous trip to the North Slope of Alaska, but it was mostly a business trip.)
4.  Visit a foreign country not contiguous with the L48 and take Marti with me.
5.  Go 4-wheeling in the Colorado Rockies and visit some of the ghost towns along the way.
6.  Go white water rafting (and take the kids with me).
7.  Not scare the crap out of myself when I write "50th B-day"

Post any other suggestions you might have in the comments section.