Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Good Day at the Mailbox

I went to the mailbox and what did I find, something(s) for me. I was hoping to find the envelope on the right, but the magazine was a bonus surprise. The envelope contains the introductory information and DVD about this:

I have some incentive to clean out the garage.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Growth Graph

We have a board at our house that we have been tracking height measurements on for a number of years, basically since we moved to Houston. Jacob has really been going through a growth spurt lately and I was wondering how tall he was compared to Matthew at the same age. So being the engineer that I am, I decided to graph it out (yes, Excel is one of my favorite software tools).

Brittney only has one mark on the measuring board. She hasn't grown since we lived in Midland (yes, we still check occasionally), but she is comfortable with who she is. Stature in life isn't just measured in physical dimensions.

Young Engineer - Hallway Conversation

I was walking down the hall the other day and heard one of the young male engineers talking to a female coworker. He was telling her, "yea, my girl friend has one more year of high school before she graduates." The engineer has worked for us for a few years, so I knew he was kidding, and he promptly told his coworker his girl friend was really in her final year of college. But it did get a laugh. Apparently he hasn't gotten the memo that engineers aren't supposed to have a personality or sense of humor. Give him a few more years of corporate life and that will probably take care of itself.

And just for the record, almost all of the engineers seem "young" anymore. Of course it's a relative term.